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This is a REAL MALE MALE spanking, soooo hot!!!!

This is the FULL preview of the movie! Just over an hour of NO-NNSENSE-BEATING. Dean is back! There are many benefits to being a security officer, especially when you know how to use your authority to your advantage. In this scene, Dean catches Greg steeling a Nook, you know, one of those electronic book readers. This is an expensive item so Dean has to really lay it into Greg. The scene starts with Greg giving an explanation of why he is going to get punished for the camera. Then, you see the screen cut to Dean as he waits for Greg to enter the room. As soon as Greg does, Dean takes down his shorts and bends him over his uniformed knee. Dean wastes no time with his long arms and starts going to town on Greg’s ass. After a long and very hard hand spanking, Dean gets up and takes a ruler paddle from his desk. At this point, you can tell that Greg is really regretting his stupid decision. For the next 45 minuets, Dean uses a few of his favorite wood-based implements to Tear Greg’s Ass UP! *** There is nothing too extreme or unsafe about this beat-down. However, it is a severe beating, so please only watch it if you like seeing realistic, long-lasting heavy punishment!

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